Dr.Mohammed Abdur Razzak – Ph.D. (Law) 

Author of THESIS “Conflict of Employment Laws”

Dr. Mohammed Abdur Razzak, General Manager is also a sole Proprietor and Founder of RAZZAK ENTERPRISES Hyderabad. He has started his services in 1976. He is a Post Graduate of Osmania University and taken the degree of "Master of Science" and "Master of Law" specializing in "Labor Laws" . He is also an Author of THESIS ''CONFLICT OF EMPLOYMENT LAWS' A Critical study on Indian Emigrants.
He is undoubtedly an expert in recruiting right type of people for the right type of jobs for the various Arab employers.

Razzak Enterprises headed by Dr. M.A.Razzak and he has acquired a high reputation over the years not only in India but also all over the Arab World, Far East, Sudan and Libya.